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Fashion Designer Collaboration

ELENCO collection by MANU ROPERO

«ELENCO started back in 2020’s summer. Out of the blue, the concept of the spider came to my life as a totem animal. After lots of research I found an absolute spiritual representation.

Spiders have always been read as bad omens, but they actually have creative and destructive powers, therefore representing life and death. This encourages us to get creative and find solutions to daily life. It is indeed a reminder that our choices build our lives: we are knitting our fates on a daily basis.

The spider teaches you how to hold balance between the past and the future, masculine and femenine, physical and spiritual: delicacy and strength at once».

All of this led Manu Ropero to the Moiras myth: the ones who knit our destiny through time. He decided to reinterpret their figure and not show them as witches but goddesses.


Project team:

Fashion designs by Manu Ropero

Illustrations by Naiara F. Cantero

Photography by Takako Chigusa

Models are Candela, Iris del Val and Álvaro Dueñas